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18 April 2015

Attwood welcomes end of 'all you can drink' promotion


Social Development Minister Alex Attwood today welcomed the announcement by Pubs of Ulster that a Belfast bar owner has discontinued their 'all you can drink' promotion.

The Minister recognises that the big majority of licensees act responsibly in running their business, the undesirable health and social consequences of irresponsible promotions are widely recognised.

Alex Attwood said: "Promotions such as 'all you can drink' for £25 are irresponsible. They encourage people to drink more than they normally would, not to mention the damaging effects on themselves and society. The right arguments, public concerns and a strong lead within government and the licensed trade has prevailed.

"I have already announced plans to introduce controls for pubs, clubs, supermarkets and other outlets, following problems presented by irresponsible drinks promotions and cheap alcohol. In practice this would allow the introduction of pricing controls or restrictions on other types of promotional activity which my Department deems to be necessary to discourage excessive drinking."

Minister Attwood also responded to claims about after hours sales by saying: "As regards concerns about licensed premises serving alcohol beyond closing time, I would reiterate my advice that such illegal activity should be reported to the PSNI and my Department. Any premises selling alcohol in breach of the law should be cracked down on. I as Minister and my Department want to know if it is happening and where and I will make the strongest representation to the PSNI to stop it. The right arguments, public concerns and a strong lead within government and the licensed trade has prevailed."

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