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25 April 2015


Pubs of Ulster actively engages with a range of key stakeholders to promote and protect the integrity of the hospatality industry in Northern Ireland, in particular we regularly meet with both Industry and Government representatives, engaging at a senior level on the issues that affect the sustainability and viability of the industry in Northern Ireland.

Pubs of Ulster engages with Government (Westminster, NI Assembly & Local) as well as other regulators and key stakeholders, promoting the Industries socially responsible role and its significant economic value to the Northern Ireland economy. We have worked hard to ensure the Liquor Licensing Review did not remove the surrender principle and make alcohol available on every street corner and won. However with the Minister stating that it would be retained “at this time” there is still a need to remain focused on this important issue and on the rollout of the Ministers other reforms in the coming years.


In addition the Pubs of Ulster Chief Executive Colin Neill sits on a range of Government working groups and has established a number of Pubs of Ulster led initiatives and working groups to ensure the industry is represented at all levels and in all aspects.


Pubs of Ulster is also working hard to represent our members' views on an extensive range of issues including:


  • The survival of the pub trade – overheads that are simply unsustainable.
  • Support from suppliers – recognition of the challenges facing the pub trade.
  • Below cost retailing – Government must address irresponsible retailing.
  • Recognition and Support from Government as the responsible retailers of alcohol.
  • Equality in Business Rates – Pubs are the only licensed retailers on turnover rates.
  • Sustainability of rural pubs – Government help & recognition for this vital community asset.
  • Moving responsibility for Liquor Licensing to Councils. 
  • The unfair proposed reform of club legislation – giving clubs 120 late nights.
  • Equality of Licensing Law Enforcement – equal treatment for all sectors.
  • Entertainment Licence Application / Renewal – reducing costs and red tape.
  • Government help - Water charges – Red tape – Banking Charges – Rate Relief.
  • The need to update the law on:
  • Drinking up time
  • Easter opening
  • Café society
  • Close legal loopholes


These and other issues form the Pubs of Ulster Manifesto

Responsible Retailing

Pubs of Ulster is also at the forefront in promoting the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol. We recognise that there is a moral responsibility to ensure that alcohol is sold and consumed in a responsible manner, in addition to the legal requirements that come with a Liquor Licence.


Pubs of Ulster are members of the United Kingdom & Ireland Licensed Trade Association (UKILTA) which represents the Retail Licensed Trade Associations and Federations in Ireland (North and South), England, Scotland and Wales. It gives all groups the important opportunity to exchange information and ideas, as more often than not, the problems facing the Trade in one juristiction are usually being experienced, replicated or anticipated in all others.

Plenary meetings are held twice yearly to discuss the major issues facing the industry in each region, developing joint strategies and statements, identifying common issues on which to lobby the appropriate governments. The meetings usually consist of the principle elected officers and leaders of each organisation and are held in turn in each juristiction.

Policing – Compliance & Enforcement

Pubs of Ulster proactively engage with the PSNI and the Legislative Departments to examine ways to improve interpretation and compliance with the legal requirements within the industry. Working to ensure that existing legislation is applied in a fair and equal manner across all industry sectors, whilst lobbying to ensuring future legislation takes account of the changing nature of the industry. We have also established a single point of contact within the PSNI, allowing us to ensure issues raised by our members receive the appropriate action.

Business Crime

Pubs of Ulster’s Chief Executive Colin Neill is the current Chairman of the Northern Ireland Business Crime Partnership which provides a direct channel of communication between business and the policy, governance and enforcement agencies involved in policing, ensuring business crime remains firmly on the agenda of PSNI, the Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Department of Justice. Membership of this partnership is made up of representatives from both the public and private sector.

Crime Prevention

Pubs of Ulster are working closely with the PSNI’s Crime Prevention Unit to ensure we play our part in reducing crime within the communities of which our members are part.

Crime Stoppers

Pubs of Ulster support the registered charity Crime Stoppers. READ MORE

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Pubs of Ulster is the trading name of the Federation of Retail Licensed Trade NI.

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